Landmarks (Another Timbre, 2022) •​​​​​​​ eight works for continuo/portative organ & percussion/synth with Isaiah Ceccarelli
Other releases, collaborations, works:
[ouroboros] (forthcoming) • five works for portative organ & modular synth, with Mitch Renaud
3 Cantigas de Amigo (duo corvi, forthcoming) • EP, three cantigas de amigo by M. Codax, with Julie Ryning (voice) et al.
Symphonia (2022) • installation (salvaged organ pipe, micro controller, amplified sound)
Song of sibyls (2017-ongoing) • music for video installation, collaboration with visual artist Marlaina Read
Nocturne (2018) • music for film, collaboration with visual artist Stella Baraklianou 
Isaiah Ceccarelli's album Bow (Another Timbre, 2017) • collaborative works Sainte-Ursule #11Sainte-Ursule #2
Lance Austin Olsen's album Dark Heart (Another Timbre, 2017) • performer on Theseus' Breath (realisation #2)
Red Book of Montserrat (duo corvi, 2017) • EP, works from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (14th century), with Julie Ryning, voice
Brocade (Redshift Records, 2017) • EP, works for harpsichord, piano, electronics by Annette Brosin, Anna Pidgorna, Emilie Lebel, and Linda Catlin Smith, with Luciane Cardassi, piano 
Under der linden (musica fantasia, 2016) • EP, works by Machaut, Vogelweide, and anon, with Julie Ryning (voice)
Music for Lady Melbourne (Les Amusements de la Chambre, 2016) • album, JC Bach Opus 10 sonatas for harpsichord and violin, with Emily Redhead (violin)
Les goûts accordés (ATMA Classique, 2012) • album, works by Robert de Visée & Jean-Baptiste Barrière, with Esteban La Rotta (theorbo) et al.